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Members can pay their dues for the month on any day of that month.


Membership Rates

  • Standard: $80/mo or $912/yr (5% discount applied for prepayment)
  • Starving Hacker: $40/mo (must qualify for the Starving Hacker Program)
  • Joint: $65/mo, rate offered with joint membership to select hackerspaces

Payment Methods

  • Cash, Check, Money Order: Hand in-person to the Treasurer.
    • Please make checks or money orders payable to Freeside Technology Spaces
  • Debit/Credit Card by Square: See the Treasurer for payment.
  • Dwolla, Paypal, Bitcoin: Make a single payment or sign-up for subscription below.


Single Payment

Standard: $80 Standard (Full Year): $912

Starving Hacker: $40

Joint: $65

Recurring Payment

Visit our Dwolla Hub Page in order to setup recurring payments. Enter the appropriate amount for your membership level.


Follow the links below to pay your dues in Bitcoin!

Single Payment

  • Standard: $80 one month's dues
  • Standard (Full Year): $912 one year's dues with 5% discount applied
  • Starving Hacker: $40 one month's dues
  • Joint: $65 one month's dues


Follow the links below to setup either a single or recurring payment of dues through Paypal. Payments may also be manually sent to

Single Payment

Recurring Payment

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